Tuesday, April 5, 2016


"In the winters hell the lonely warrior wandered... seeking vengeance. Only the solace of knowing that her master would soon find peace, after she's finished with his killers."


Marko Dješka said...

That's it! I like that you start with posting your works on blog! How are you? Are you still in Soi? :D Are you going to Annecy?

Mui said...

Hey Marko! Thanks buddy. I know, i started drawing more and more now (I'm trying to finish 1 sketchbook a month), so why not update the blog;)

I'm still in Soi, and no unfortunately not going to Annecy, ar you? Hopefully I'll be going to ITFS here in Stuttgart though, so we will see!

I'm fine, work, work, work as always.

How are you?