Sunday, April 10, 2016

Movie night!

So me and my friends went to see 2 films last night, High - Rise and The Lobster. 

The first of which I had a lot of expectations too, and the latter one in which I didn't. I came away in the evening with my expectations trashed, but pleasantly surprised by The Lobster. 

Although I wouldn't recommend either of the films for a 2nd viewing, I would choose The Lobster over High- Rise any day.

The Lobster has it's humanity in it's outlandish setting, it pulls you in with moments of comedy and tenderness between the two lead characters. 

High - Rise, I felt tried to be too much, and nothing altogether. It's pacing inconsistent, characters unsympathetic and un - relatable. I just found it quit pretentious and boring.  

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