Sunday, April 30, 2017

Festival season!

Hi guys,

So I know I haven't posted in a while, but I do have a good reason. I've been in Poland for the last week at the animation festival Animocje in the lovely town Bydgoszsz (Don't worry, I struggled with the name too!). I was happy to hear that my film "Rumble in the Jungle was selected to be screened there in the children's competition, so I thought I would take the trip down and see the sights and meet some cool people! I loved how the children laughed when my film came on, they are the hardest audience to please and I was really happy over their reactions!

The town had a rich history with great architecture and classic-/modern art. I love how the people embraced both the old and the new, f.ex: You can see a run-down building, but inside it you would find a bakery or a high end jewelry store. If I did have some qualms would be the language problem, since the old generation doesn't speak English, and the younger generation is a little gun-shy about it:/. I had some awkward run-in's with the locals when I had to buy coffee or a bagel, but in the end it's really nobody's fault. 

Still, it was a good few days but now I'm ready to head back to Germany. Next on the festival menu, International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart! Woop woop!

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