Friday, June 23, 2017

Annecy, Annecyyyyy c'est le plus beau des festivaux!

Hi guys, I'm back after a couple of weeks of radio silence, but guess where I've been! I've been to ANNECY!!!

Being an Annecy virgin, it was a week of awesome screenings (Really, the quality of the films were great), dipping my feet in the lake, and meeting old friends again from past jobs. I was exhausted by the end of the festival, but for anyone who hasn't been yet, JUST GO! I will guarantee you will have an awesome time!


- Awesome short film screenings

- Seeing "Le grand mechant renard et autres contes" aka The Big Bad Fox from the creator behind Ernest & Celestine. 

- Guillermo Del Toro... WALKING PAST ME! *passes out*

Although I'm back now, experiencing Annecy really infused me with new vigor & motivation to really push Obscurum forward to production. My new deadline is to have it ready for production by end of this year. 

So stay tuned guys, new stuff coming soon!


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