Monday, August 29, 2016

Chris Oatley and the awesome academy!

So I joined the Oatley Academy a couple of weeks ago, and I'm SUPER excited! Woop Woop!

If some of you aren't familiar with it, its an online school for artists who wants to pursue Concept Art, Comics, Illustration and other branches within Digital Arts developed by the awesome Chris Oatley. I found out about the school, from my friend Kenneth (you can check his blog here ) last year, but I wanted to wait a little before trying it out. 

I've only been part of the school for two weeks, but already feel the warmth and support of the community, both from the other artists and the admins and teachers!

I'm doing the "Self taught course", this way I can still work on my other projects and also do the course at my own pace. 

I always wanted to delve more into the world of concept art and painting in Photoshop, and can't WAIT  for you guys to join me in this exiting new journey!

Here is a small still life which I worked on, in a "Lets Draw Together" session over skype!

More to come soon!

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